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Tile adhesive known as as porcelain tile adhesive

October 3, 2011 by gomixcoat · No Comments · tile adhesive

tiles along with other decorative materials. Tile adhesive is broadly present in internal and exterior walls, flooring, bathroom, your kitchen along with other building decorated finishes. Its primary characteristic may be our prime connecting up strength, waterproof, freeze-thaw resistance, good aging qualities and construction of convenience. Tile adhesive is a perfect connecting up material.

Next, the comparison of tile adhesive and cement paste.

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But throughout these many years of tiling experience on using cement paste, there comes the issue. For instance, the thermal expansion and contraction of cement is big, it’s greater tension once the thermal expansion, simple to increase the risk for tiles squeeze one another and cracked. When shrink, the strain will progressively separating the cement paste and ceramic tiles, and result in hollowing.

When involves using tile adhesive for tiling, the higher benefit of tile adhesive is clearly.

To start with, we’ll apply tile adhesive using special tools (notch trowel) within the large space around the substrate. It likes a quick application speed, 3 occasions beneath the standard cement paste tiling. Additionally, tiles it’s not necessary to soak with water before tiling. Nonetheless the tiles have to be drenched in water first when using the traditional cement mortar.

Next, tile adhesive is firm and won’t shrink. It won’t increase the risk for phenomenon of hollowing. However, cement mortar because of cement qualities, is easy to contract after dried, leading to hollowing, and porcelain tile simple to disappear.

Third, when necessitates the consumption, the quantity of tile adhesive per square meter is just half the dosage amount of conventional cement mortar.

Furthermore, tile adhesive is stirring within the bucket, just the bags left after used, that’s atmosphere friendly product. But traditional cement mortar is mixing within the site, which isn’t clean, and could cause atmosphere pollution.

Also, Tile adhesive is created in production facilities it possesses a fixed formula, ensure the soundness of quality. But the quantity of traditional cement mortar in this area has strong randomness, lead to sporadic quality.


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